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Petrol tank – 1

My petrol tank seemed to be in reasonable condition apart from a healthy coating of surface rust on the top surface. The underside of the tank was less rusty,……

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Maintenance vouchers discovered

I recently discovered the original maintenance vouchers in the documentation that came with my Jag. The foreword notes the importance of regular maintenance and in language typical of the period assumes that the owner will be male!

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Jaguar books

Books about older vehicles can be fun. I’ve added some detail about books on Jaguar Cars and the restoration of older vehicles which I have picked up over the years. Please check out the reference page


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Remaining body repairs – 2

This post continues the high-level description of the body shell repairs.

Reference the previous posts on the body shell repairs; door skin replacement and remaining body repairs – 1

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Remaining body repairs – 1

Following the post detailing the replacement of the door skins, this post details some of the remaining body repairs.

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Door skin replacement

OK, there’s no way round it, this was a major blunder on my part. Lack of research. Attention to detail (none). All that stuff. In fact I’m reluctant to write this post, but if it stops someone else making the same mistake it will be worth it.

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Maintenance Chart

Back in the day, vehicles came with some pretty cool documentation. None more so than fold-out maintenance charts. When I purchased my car a lot of the original paperwork was still with the vehicle, including the Maintenance Chart which is in very good condition given that it’s over 50 years old. Great garage wall art.

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The dreaded Jag rear hub – 2

My initial attempt at removing the rear hubs ended in failure.

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Mk2 wiring diagram – current state

I’ve decided to make a new wiring loom for my car from scratch, once again leveraging the outstanding coverage on this topic from both Kriss Motors and Lin Rose in their respective blogs.

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The dreaded Jag rear hub – 1

With the body being restored it was time to get on with the rest of it. The front and rear suspension seemed a good place to start. My thinking was that having these items ready to go will simplify transport of the completed body back home.

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