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What colour?

With the test fit completed, preparation for painting began. Time for the big decision; do we stay with Green or make a change?
The original New Zealand owner purchased the……

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Jaguar clock repair

With lots of parts out at The Surgery for the test fit, I’ve had time to indulge in some “minor but……

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Test fit — Lockheed brake servo

Although the final bits and pieces of the Test fit are covered in the Test fit — Final items post, I thought fitting an upgraded……

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Smiths tachometer — Electronic upgrade

This project began as a small diversion (Yeah, right!) from the main job of working on the mechanical aspects of the Jag. I haven’t played about with electronics for years,……

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Heater — Strip down and upgrade

The Mk2 Jag heater in original form is the subject of much (partially justified in my opinion) derision. Many British cars from the same era suffered similar afflictions. True it……

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Test fit – Final Items

My last post finished with the front and rear suspension sub-assemblies ready to be fitted to the car to progress the……

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Test fit prep — Power steering upgrade

This post completes the previous post (Test fit prep — front suspension) by describing the process of fitting the power steering……

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Test fit prep — Front suspension

Reference previous posts re Test fit prep: Rear axle and hubs and Rear suspension…

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Test fit prep — Rear suspension

This post continues the description of the test fit preparations (Test fit prep— Rear axle and hubs).

The rear springs were……

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Test fit prep — Rear axle and hubs

The test fit of the Engine and Gearbox is getting out of control. In discussion with the team at……

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