Here’s a selection of books about Jaguar Cars which I have collected over the years. In particular, the collectors and restorers guides are useful for determining the original look and correct fittings for both the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

Original Jaguar MkI/Mk II by Nigel Thorley

It seems that most restorers have this book, it’s a fantastic resource for determining how the cars originally looked. It also details the changes made in production. The book is packed full of detailed colour images of all aspects of the vehicles; the interior, engine compartment, exterior chrome, and even the toolkit! It will be an indispensable supplement to the pictures I took when I finally get to the reassembly phase of the project.

The Classic Jaguar Saloons by Chris Harvey

This book traces the story of the Jaguar saloons from the MkVII through to the 420. It includes a history of Jaguar and has plenty of images (black and white) of the various models. Also covered are typical rust areas and some racing history, which is fun.

Jaguar Saloons by Chris Harvey

A recent acquisition, I saw this on Trade Me (NZ’s eBay) and thought, why not? This book traces the history of Jaguar saloons from the Mark V11 right through to the XJ6/12 and the XJ-S. Like the earlier book, it has lots of pictures of the various models including colour images of the mighty TWR Group A XJ-S.

Jaguar Performance and Pride by Pete Lyons and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

This book is pretty special to me as it was given to me by the team at my previous employer when I left, over 20 years ago. That’s how long I’ve had this thing! Performance and Pride is the story of the Jaguar marque up to 1991, just after the purchase of Jaguar by Ford. The emphasis is mainly on the sports and racing models. By the way, Pete Lyons is no relation to the Jaguar founder, Sir William Lyons.

Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars from 1954 by Andrew White

I found this in a second-hand bookshop in Auckland. With over 600 pages and 1100 illustrations, it’s beyond me how anyone could read this, but I guess that’s not the point. If you want to know the results of that race from pretty much whenever within this period (1954 – 1988), this is the book for you!

Racing Jaguar in New Zealand by Brian Watson

This is a self-published effort by a passionate Jaguar lover. 23 years in the making it runs to about 300 pages and is a great history of Jaguar racing in New Zealand. Brian, a trained mechanic, spent 20 years working for the legendary Sybil Lupp and Lionel Archer in their Wellington Garage specialising in Jags.

Jaguar World – 6 Cylinder Engine overhaul (1948 – 1986)

A good overview of the history, strip down and refurbishment of the XK series of engines, including sections on the overhaul of SU Carbs and independent rear suspension units. I’m really not sure how many of us fancy taking on an engine rebuild. Nonetheless, it’s a great reference. These books have lots of detailed pictures of the process which is always useful.

Practical Classics and Car Restorer – Mk2 Jaguar Restoration

Another favourite of many, this book follows the restoration of a 3.4 L Mk2. Easy to overlook on the bookshelf, this publication contains many tips and is from a time (1989) when these were still relatively common vehicles. A good reference on how to approach tasks.

The Restoration of Post War Cars by Peter Wallage

With the Internet being the ‘go to’ source of information these days, it’s easy to forget the wealth of information in some generic books about older vehicles. A fact I have (re)discovered through writing this post! For instance, this book has a good section on the componentry, logic and upgrade (very basic) of older electrical systems. It also shows you how to flash a Dynamo (generator) to the opposite polarity. This proved useful back in the day when we wanted to install more modern (negative earth) radios to our old positive earth British vehicles! Not that this will be needed now, but there you go.

The Restoration and Preservation of Vintage and Classic Cars by Jonathan Wood

Similar to the book above this one covers all the major component areas of older cars. I’m sure it will prove useful at some stage.

In addition to these books, I have the usual collection of workshop manuals; the official Jaguar workshop manual and those published by Haynes and Scientific publications which I don’t mind getting covered in grease. These supplement the Jaguar manuals and parts lists which people have generously made available online.

I’m interested to know what books others use, if books are used much at all these days, so please let me know.