My Jaguar MK2 Restoration

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Test fit prep – Progress update

My last post finished with the front and rear suspension sub-assemblies ready to be fitted to the car to progress the test fit.
This post……

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Test fit prep — Rear axle and hubs

The test fit of the Engine and Gearbox is getting out of control. In discussion with the team at the …

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Test fit prep — Engine and gearbox (1)

Hello! It’s been a (long) while since I’ve provided an update, but I haven’t been entirely idle! As mentioned in the last update on the …

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The dreaded Jag rear hub – 2

My initial attempt at removing the rear hubs ended in failure.

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The dreaded Jag rear hub – 1

With the body being restored it was time to get on with the rest of it. The front and rear suspension seemed a good place to start. My thinking was that having these items ready to go will simplify transport of the completed body back home.

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