My Jaguar MK2 Restoration

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What colour?

With the test fit completed, preparation for painting began. Time for the big decision; do we stay with Green or make a change?
The original New Zealand owner purchased the car new, painted in Opalescent Dark Green.

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Bodywork – getting ready for painting

See previous posts on bodywork; Door skin replacement, Remaining body repairs 1 and Remaining body repairs 2

In the background — quite slowly as finances allow — work has been proceeding at …

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Remaining body repairs – 2

This post continues the high-level description of the body shell repairs.

Reference the previous posts on the body shell repairs; door skin replacement and remaining body repairs – 1

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Remaining body repairs – 1

Following the post detailing the replacement of the door skins, this post details some of the remaining body repairs.

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Door skin replacement

OK, there’s no way round it, this was a major blunder on my part. Lack of research. Attention to detail (none). All that stuff. In fact I’m reluctant to write this post, but if it stops someone else making the same mistake it will be worth it.

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Bodyshell assessment


This is the beginning of the restoration blog, which starts with the car completely disassembled, stripped of paint, and protected with etch primer. The first step is to estimate what’s required to restore the bodyshell.

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