My Jaguar MK2 Restoration is on the move!

Not literally (unfortunately), but virtually! I’m moving my site to the self-hosted version of WordPress, the blogging platform I use for My Jaguar Mk2 Restoration.

This will be happening over the next few days, the domain ( won’t change, so everything should work the same, except that you will be taken to the new site.

The reason for the move is to give me more control over the look and feel of the site, which should make for a better experience for you all. Once the new site is switched over, there will be some clean-up work to make sure all the links and images are correct.

I fully expect a few bumps on the road, having never done this before. What could possibly go wrong …

Cheers, Phil

Prep for test fit — Power steering upgrade

This post completes the previous post (Prep for test fit — front suspension) by describing the process of fitting the power steering upgrade to the front cross member. Originally this description was planned to be part of the previous post, but I decided to split it into two parts as I felt the original was getting a bit long-winded.

Reference Lin Rose’s excellent coverage of this topic:

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Prep for test fit — Front suspension

Reference previous posts re Prep for the trial fit: Rear axle and hubs and Rear suspension
Also refer to Lin Rose’s site (see sidebar) for excellent coverage of these topics, and more.

Following on from preparing the rear suspension for a trial fit (see link above), the next task was to rebuild the front suspension. Yep and I will be taking it all apart again … anyway the explanation of all that is covered in the links above. Continue reading Prep for test fit — Front suspension

Prep for test fit — Rear suspension

This post continues the description of the test fit preparations (Ref Prep for Test fit — Rear axle and hubs).

The rear springs were in a sorry state – with a lot of surface rust and the rubber parts in varying states of disintegration. Anticipating this I ordered a set of front and rear rubber suspension components from the Daimler and Jaguar Spare Parts Club. Being a member means I can be very lazy and ring up and order “a full set of suspension rubber parts for a Mk2 please”, no mucking about with part numbers, and soon a box of goodness arrives. Continue reading Prep for test fit — Rear suspension

Prep for test fit — Rear axle and hubs

The test fit of the engine and gearbox is getting out of control. In discussion with the team at the Surgery, we’ve decided that the best approach given all the changes I’m making, is to test fit more components and make any changes the bodywork now. The reality is that the engine and gearbox change is a bit more challenging than I first thought. Is it possible that I didn’t think things through properly in the first place? Surely not! Continue reading Prep for test fit — Rear axle and hubs

Test fit — Engine and gearbox

Reference previous posts: Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox, part 1 and part 2
With the engine and gearbox now at the Surgery, it’s time to test the accuracy of all the research by undertaking the long-awaited test fit. This will also provide clues as to what else might need to be taken into account when I get to the point of fitting other accessories such as power steering.

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Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox (2)

Jag_Blog-317Reference previous post: Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox (1)

In preparation for the test fit, and before the replacement engine and gearbox went anywhere near the freshly surfaced body shell, I needed to give the whole thing a good clean. The engine has been sitting for years and was filthy!

As an aside, I believe the engine to be in reasonable condition, although I’m assuming it will need a complete overhaul. As soon as the test fit is complete, I’ll get the engine checked out. As you can see from the image below this engine was coupled to an automatic gearbox. Continue reading Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox (2)

Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox (1)

Jag_Blog-255Hello! It’s been a (long) while since I’ve provided an update, but I haven’t been entirely idle! As mentioned in the last update on the bodywork, I plan to fit an engine and gearbox from the XJ6 range of Jaguars into my Mk2. I’ve spent a good deal of time researching the changes required and getting the engine ready for a test fit. I’ve also had some work done on my garage to improve the weather sealing; a new roof and lining, better windows, and a proper side door replacing the horrible original tin thing. Things are much cosier now! Oh, and a 15 AMP circuit for a new air compressor … but that’s another story! Continue reading Prep for test fit — Engine and gearbox (1)