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In the background — quite slowly as finances allow — work has been proceeding at The Surgery on the bodywork of the Jag. Here’s a brief description of progress.

After the completion of the body repairs a final test fit of the bumpers, radiator grill, headlights, sidelights, fog lights, and indicators was carried out. This all looked good.

Test fit – front
Side view
Rear view

After the test fit another coating of epoxy urethane etch primer was applied to the exterior. This protects the surface and provides a base for the next step, sanding and preparation for the application of a two pack “Spritz” epoxy high build surfacer.


Surfacer application
Surfacer application

Here is an image of the body shell with the surfacer coating applied. The Jag is looking great already! The next step will be (more) sanding in preparation for the application of the two pack high build undercoat on the interior and exterior of the bodyshell and the interior and exterior of all removable panels.

Exterior with the high build surfacer applied

While the interior and underbody still have the etch primer coating, I have my last chance to ensure there are no more (major) bodywork changes required. With this in mind, I will trial fit the engine and gearbox I plan to install in my car. I bought these components years ago. The motor is a 3.4 litre from a Series 3 XJ6, and the gearbox is a 4-speed synchro with overdrive from a Series 1 XJ6. I’m sure there will be plenty of fun and games getting it all working together. More to come on this …