This post continues the high-level description of the body shell repairs.

Reference the previous posts on the body shell repairs; door skin replacement and remaining body repairs – 1

Rear quarter panel repairs

Next up was tackling the rust hidden behind the rear quarter panel (behind the rear wheel) on the right side of the vehicle.

Outer repair panel
Inner repair panel

Rear wheel arch and jacking point repairs

New repair panels were fabricated for both the left and right rear wheel arches (forward of the rear wheels). The right side required more extensive repairs.

RH wheel arch
Repair panel welded in place
Completed repair

Both the rear jacking points were replaced, along with some rusted areas behind the jacking points.

Rear jacking point

Sills and spats

New sills and spats were fitted. As with the door skins, we found that the spats took a bit of work to ensure that the edges aligned evenly with the bodywork. Lin Rose found similar issues.

Replacement sill, test fit
There were a few issues getting correct alignment between spats and bodywork

Saddle panel – under the front Grill

The saddle panel under the front grill required replacement – this is a common problem area. A new panel was fabricated, test fitted and welded into position.

Rusted saddle cut from body
Fabricated repair panel

Job done

Panhard Rod mounting reinforcement

Eric Kriss helpfully mentions, in his post on post-blast body assessment, a Jaguar Service Bulletin which recommends strengthening of the Panhard Rod mounting bracket. 

We decided that making up this little bracket was a good idea, and that there would never be an easier time than now!  Mike and the team made up a bracket similar to the one shown in the service bulletin.

Fabricated strengthening bracket
Completed bracket

Wow! Another milestone has been reached, the body is finally completed! There have been numerous other repairs and the result is absolutely worth all the effort. In Mike Baucke’s words (The Surgery) … “The MK2 has reached an exciting part of the restoration … we have completed all of the filling* and finishing*. The body looks excellent and has never been as straight”.

There is a pause at the moment while the coffers are refilled. Also the BIG decision re colour needs to be thought about.

* Filling, finishing, straightening, and shaping of all exterior body panels. This covers all body panel repairs, old accident repairs, new and old factory welded joins on panels, new panels fitted, and all dents removed.