Remaining body repairs – 1

Following the post detailing the replacement of the door skins, this post details some of the remaining body repairs.

Unfortunately, the NZ weather has taken its toll on the Jag over the years and the list of required body repairs is substantial. I sourced repair panels locally when I could obtain them at reasonable prices. The remainder were sourced from Martin Robey in the UK.

Martin Robey repair panels
Wheel arch baffle panel

Martin Robey repair panels:

  • Door skins x 2
  • Coombs style cut away spats
  • Left and right wing repair panels
  • Full sills
  • Front jacking points
  • LH front wheel arch baffle

Body repairs

The LH front outrigger (brace), which supports the front wing, was badly rusted and needed replacement.

Rusted LH Front outrigger
Replacement outrigger


When the outrigger was removed we found more rust behind the mounting point. This was repaired before the new outrigger was fitted.

Repair patch
Replacement welded in place

LH front wheel arch repair repairs

The repairs to the left front wheel arch included fitting the internal wheel arch baffle panel and the external wing repair panel. As you can see a small additional patch was required on the inner wheel arch.

Wheel arch baffle panel in position
Welded in place
External view with the wing cutaway, ready for the outer panel
Outer wing repair panel ready to be welded in place
Outer panel welded in place

The body is slowly coming together. The next post will detail the remaining body repairs.

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      1. For sure! And, if you are like me, buying an expensive car part usually equates to the purchase of a similarly priced piece of jewelry for my wife 🙂

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